is the first informational and inspirational platform on this scale, supporting all caregivers in the Netherlands, as they face the daily consequences of dementia. The platform serves as support, from the moment an informal caregiver gets worried and throughout the process that follows. On you will find tips, information, experts and stories. 

When I started working at Born05, was getting a new navigation structure. I joined this ongoing project as a UX/UI designer. The current structure wasn’t able to fullfill the needs of the caregivers throughout the process. The huge amount of content needed to be restructured. The goal was to provide the right content during all specific stages in the caregivers journey. 


01. Think of it as a public library, full of shelves packed with scientifically verified facts and information. Because the Alzheimer’s process is relatively predictable, can offer caregivers relevant follow-ups and guide them naturally through the overwhelming amount of information.

demntie info-02demntie info-02

02. It resulted in a categorized list with relevant subjects that provide a specific route through the site’s content. Of course the user is able to search for specific subject or list al subjects from A to Z.


03. As most of the restructuring of the content was already done when I joined the project, my first big contribution was to create a click demo which could be used for a user test. Together with MWM2 we spent a full day testing the new structure on the target audience. Throughout different scenario’s we were able to map the expectations and experiences of the customers. 


04.1. The majority of our target group is 55+ and many of them are not necessarily accustomed to doing everything online. After user testing, we discovered the need for an uncluttered design, without too many distractions: no frills and easy to read.

On the homepage we start with relevant entry points to enter the library section.

work_Dementie_4_Page 1work_Dementie_4_Page 1

04.2. The library section gives an overview of the different categories and their subjects. The user can scroll down the entire list or use the navigation on the left side to quickly jump to a specific topic. 

work_Dementie_4_Page 2work_Dementie_4_Page 2

04.3. This is an overview page of a specific topic. It contains three sources of information: Information, Tips and Experiences. You can switch between the sorces with the tooltip on top of the page. 

work_Dementie_4_Page 3work_Dementie_4_Page 3

04.4. Below we see a detail page of an article. On the right side are related articles, news items or tools presented. 

work_Dementie_4_Page 4work_Dementie_4_Page 4

05. And of course everything responsive.



Special thanks to the Born05 team who coached me: 
Timo Wilbrink, Sjors van Hoof, Maxim van Dam, Vincent van Rouwendal, Laurens Beil, Marijn Sloth & Romke Janssen