Today, Hercules is one of the most settled and well-known bicycle brands in the German market. Hercules bicycles are made for the needs of modern, mobile people. Even though Hercules has 125 years of experience, they still manage to stay as young and active as those who are traveling on a Hercules bike.

During my internship at Dunckelfeld I was responsible for this project, which required creating a new concept for the online marketing, the interaction- and visual-design. The primary goal was to promote the E-bike section. I achieved this by offering customers the possibility to customize their bike on the website. Also, with this tool you can see specific highlights and details on the bike.


1. Front page / navigation

2. Explore the bike by customize it or view highlights to see the details

3. An interactive way to explore the details of the bikes



Special thanks to the Dunckelfeld team who coached me: 
Oliver Ecker, Michael Fuchs, Kim Wittfeld, Tom Kirchartz & Tobias Tatze.