SIRE is the Dutch equivalent of the American Advertising Council. The USA and The Netherlands are the only two countries in the world where the advertising industries are united in using their creativity to create awareness and impact for the most important themes in their societies.

During my internship at Born05 I was asked to create a solution for the different breakpoints of 50 year anniversary website from sire. The desktop design was far ahead and most of the style was already approved. My focus was to create a comparable experience among different devices such as mobile and tablet.

Visist Sire

01. The homepage welcomes the user with an overview of the different years or thema's


02. In the desktop design each column scrolls faster while hovering


03. The tablet landscape design is a stripped-down version as all columns scroll together  


04. The same goes for the tablet portrait mode where we used less columns to present the same amount of content


05. The mobile design is based on four column grid 



Special thanks to the Born05 team who coached me: 
Marc Pitti